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Ivan C. Incencio
691 South Irolo Street Suite 1902
Los Angeles, California 90005
(213) 247-0269


    Ivan C. Incencio is a versatile and skilled interior designer who specializes in interpreting the needs of his clients and delivering what they want in their own homes.

    Ivan Incencio has more than two decades of interior design experience, including 11 years with Ethan Allen, and a degree in interior and fashion design from Long Beach State University and an art history education from the University of Costa Rica.

    “I believe in making things better.” Ivan Incencio explains his purpose: “I believe in beauty, creating beautiful places. It doesn’t matter how much money a person has. It’s about making it beautiful.”

    Ivan Incencio emphasizes his commitment to working with his clients’ ideas rather than imposing his own will. “I incorporate what my client has with my new ideas to find a theme that works. It is more than just a client-designer relationship. I have to know the client at the deepest level, their style, their choices. I establish a spiritual connection.”

    “I get to know a client so well it’s like my family. They are not just my clients, they are my friends. The relationship goes on forever.”

    “I carefully listen to the client,” Ivan Incencio explains. “I am sensitive to people’s needs and backgrounds. I help them create what the want. I’m not here to criticize anyone. I create better places. That’s my commitment.”

    “I guide my client in the right direction,” Ivan Incencio continued, “Whatever style they want, I make it better. I am very versatile.”

    Ivan Incencio works with his clients’ budgets and existing heirlooms and possessions. “I have to feel the house so that the design comes naturally and is not fake. My goal is to make it better.”

    Ivan Incencio worked for eleven years as an interior deigner with Ethan Allen, an experience that he called “a great experience.” Ivan Incencio explained, “working for Ethan Allen was a trampoline to who I am today.”

    Prior to working at Ethan Allen, Ivan Incencio worked as a personal shopper at both Macy’s Beverly Center and I. Bullock Wilshire, as well as an assistant manager at Michelle A. Belmont Designs.

    Ivan Incencio was an art history major at the University of Costa Rica and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in interior and fashion design from Long Beach State University.

    Ivan Incencio was born in Cuba.