Washington Mutual Horror Nightmare
bounced check from Google

by Milo

    I had the misfortune of having a check from Google bounce (yes, the giant corporation Google of search engine fame)!

    This misfortune triggered nightmarish problems with Washington Mutual Bank, which won't fix my bank account unless I get a written statement from Google admitting their wrong-doing.

    I am trapped between two giant corporatiosn that completely lack any heart, soul, or compassion and that know they can get away with blatantly illegal anti-consumer activity because it costs too much for poor people to sue them.

Washington Mutual Bankers Pen

    As a Washington Mutual customer I was confused as to why Washington Mutual would run large numebrs of print and television ads emphasizing that they have a Bankers Pen of bankers who are highly anti-consumer.

    Even if you accept their claim that the Washington Mutual Bankers Pen is kept just to determine what is right or wrong, it still doesn’t make any sense to hire 30 or more expensive banking executives just to ignore their opinions. That’s an absurd waste of money that Washington Mutual could have donated to charitable causes.

    My experience is that the tellers and local bank manager are friendly and helpful, just like in the Washington Mutual commercials.

    My experience is that the Washington Mutual Bankers Pen is just as evil as we arned about in the Washington Mutual television commercials.

    Every time that the local bank manager tried to get things straightened out, anonymous bankers in “the back office” (the Washington Mutual Bankers Pen) and RDI would continually over rule any attempts by the local bank managers to help get my account straightened out.