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    Who is better at programming: the best programmer at Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook or a homeless guy?

    I am the homeless guy who intends to prove that homeless people are more skilled and creative by building extremely useful and valuable free open source software for college students.

    The two most basic items I propose building (and have already started building) can help more than 50 million college students a year. The more advanced proposal can transform the entire computer and software industries. The first project is a free downloadable college text book on computer programming. The second project is work on UNCOL, starting with a free open source assembly language emulator

    I have found a legitimate 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, the Star Tree Foundation (which operates KOCI-FM 101.5) to accept tax deductible donations to make this project possible.

    Even if you don’t about anyone else, if you have a son or daughter in college, the free textbook project might save your child hundreds of dollars. If your son or daughter is a computer science, mathematics, or engineering major, the free open source emulator might save your child hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    The text book project would cost more than a billion dollars a year if a charity attempted to purchase and distribute hardbound text books. Using free internet downloads reduces the cost from hundreds of dollars per student to less than 1,000th of a penny per student.

    Because I have already started building both the text book project and the emulator project, you can test the quality of my work for yourself. You can compare the results so far to your existing knowledge of programming and processors and determine for yourself my likelihood for success.

free downloadable college text book on programming

homeless challenge

    I challenge Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to see who really is better at innovation, a homeless person (me) or the rich guy and his entire company.

    The specific challenge is to see who can complete UNCOL first. This is a reasonable challenge because many of the best minds in computer software have been unable to solve the problem since it was first proposed in 1958. And it is a problem with broad application, one of the top five unsolved problems in computer programming. The larger an organization, the more useful UNCOl is. This is a specific project that could save his company billions of dollars and dramatically increase the effectiveness of their programming work, so this is something he would actually need. And Mark Zuckerberg will have the advantage of being ble to examine my plans and working code as it is built.

    I realize that many will view this challenge as mere entertainment, but there is real value here.

    To paraphrase an increasingly common statement, this source code emulator is intended so that a poor person in India, China, Africa, Compton, or any other place in the world can have the same access to information and education as the rich White Anglo-Saxon Protestant male in Pasadena, Cambridge, Oxford, New Haven, Palo Alto, or any other famous college town.

Facebook and lies about Google

    CNN reports that Facebook has admitted to secretly hiring a PR firm to spread lies about Google, including false claims of privacy violations (may 12, 2011).

    Facebook hired the large PR firm Burson-Marsteller.

    At least two new employees at Burson-Martseller (former CNBC anchor Jim Goldman and former political columnist John Mercurio) were caught participating in the PR company’s campaign to lie about Google regarding its Social Circles offering.

    They attempted to ghost write a lie filled op-ed piece for privacy expert Chris Soghoian, who refused to participate and posted the e-mails from the PR company. The PR company promised to get the lie-filled article into the Washington Post, Politico, The Hill, Roll Call, and the Huffington Post.

    USA Today reported that the same workers at Burson-Marsteller also contacted them in an attempt to place a bogus lie-filled article making flase claims of supposed Google privacy rights violations.

    On May 12, 2011, Dan Lyons of the Daily Beast reported that the PR company was working for Facebook.

    Facebook has confirmed its participation in the libel campaign.

    TechCrunch said "Secretly paying a PR firm to pitch bloggers on stories going after Google, even offering to help write those stories and then get them published elsewhere, is not just offensive, dishonest and cowardly. ItŐs also really, really dumb. I have no idea how the Facebook PR team thought that theyŐd avoid being caught doing this."

    Business Insider said "[P]itching "scandalous" stories about competitors that aren't actually scandalous is a favorite sleazy PR technique. But the fact that this one was coming from Burson Marsteller--a high-end global communications firm--and former CNBC reporter Jim Goldman makes this one noteworthy. Especially because it suggests that some of the groundswell of anti-Google sentiment in Washington may have been driven by secret paid attack-campaigns like this one."

    At 9:30 am, May 12, 2011, Burson-Masteller said "Whatever the rationale, this was not at all standard operating procedure and is against our policies, and the assignment on those terms should have been declined. When talking to the media, we need to adhere to strict standards of transparency about clients, and this incident underscores the absolute importance of that principle."

Facebook and preteens

    Facebook has been caught keeping illegal privacy records on at least 7.5 million U.S. preteens, according to Consumer Reports (May 11, 2011).

    U.S. federal law requires that private for-profit companies obtain explicit parental permission for any website that records any personal information on those 12 years old or younger. This law is intended to safeguard young people.

    Although Facebook has a written policy forbidding anyone under 13 years of age from signing up for an account, Facebook refuses to institute safeguards required by law!

    facebook makes huge profits by selling this illegally obtained private information.

    Further, according to Consumer Reports, allowing preteen children to access Facebook exposes more than 5 million American households to online abuse, viruses, and identity theft. According to Consumer Reports, about 1 million American preteen children “faced some sort of cyber-bullying”.

    Mark Zuckerberg did not answer questions about this violation of the law. His company released a mealy mouthed statement (clearly prepared by a lawyer who places the interests of Facebook above the law and the public good) saying “There is no single solution to ensuring younger children don’t circumvent a system or lie about their age.”

    Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook don’t explain why they don’t use multiple solutions rather than giving the no single solution excuse for why their company breaks the law to make huge profits off of preteeen children.

    Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook don’t point out that their anti-privacy software is so sophisticated that it can present targeted ads to women within minutes of the first time they tell anyone they are getting married. Does anyone really think that privacy violation software that sophisticated can’t and doesn’t already identify preteen children.

    Accurately identifying preteen children is a vital part of Facebook’s ability to target preteen children with ads aimed specifically at exploiting them for corporate profit.


    UNCOL was first proposed in 1958 by Melvin E. Conway. UNCOL stands for Universal Computer Oriented Language. The original intent was a universla intermediate language. The source code for all programming languages would be translated into the intermediate code and the intermediate code would then be translated into the machine code for all processors. This meant only one compiler back end per processor and only one compiler front end per programming language.

    UNCOL was never successfully implemented, despite the fact that some of the most famous people in the history of computers have worked on the problem.

    The good news is that although nobody succeeded at building UNCOL, they generally did create useful things, in some cases some of the most important contributions to software engineering. This is a field where failure at the mkain gol can result in great advances.

    The most famous example would be Niklaus Emil Wirth’s invention of P-cocde and Pascal. For a while Pascal was the second most used programming language in the world (after C) and both Pascal and P-code have been highly influential even to this day.

universal translator

    My interest in this project is to go beyond merely translating from any high level programming language to any processor, but to create the ability to automatically translate between high level languages.

    This has obvious utility for any company with a large programming staff, especially when the staff starts to reach the hundreds or thousands of engineers.

    So, not only does Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook need this, but this is an obvious need for such companies as Google, IBM, Apple, Oracle, HP, and Yahoo. I am hoping that at least one of those companies will see their obvious interest and provide money.

source code assembly language emulator

    The first tool I am building is a source code assembly language emulator for both a generic processor and actual real world processors, in multi-core version.

    This universal hardware emulator that is oipen source and free for personal and educational uses. This is of obvious use to colleges and universities.

    I am starting work with a generic dual core processor (so that students immediately can work in a modern concurrent programming environment).

    I will extend this to include the ability to emulate a wide range of processors, and eventually add the ability to have table-driven descriptions of processors, allowing professors and students to add any processor on their own, including imaginary processors they design.

    I also intend to extend the emulator to the microcode level and then to the gate level.


fine grained parallelism

    I am experimenting with some ideas in fine grained parallelism.

unemployed and homeless

    The obvious question is how could I possibly know what I am talking about, much less build this, if I am unemployed and homeless.

    The fact of the matter is that the software industry pretty much only wants two kinds of programmers: young smart kids and tinkerer drones, and I’m neither.

    Many businesses want to use up the steady supply of bright young programmers coming out of school. They want young people because they have the stamina to work extremely long hours (maybe 100 or more hours a week) and don’t yet have family responsibilities.

    While the young and smart model works for companies attempting to build something new, the vast majority of programming is the same old stuff over and over and doesn’t require the expense of young and smart.

    The drone programmers tinker with code without any comprehension of what they are doing and why it fails.

    Drone programmers can be easily identified by their close cropped hair, cheap business suit, tie, and a mindless look of defeated spirit. And more to the point, they are mostly middle-aged, Christian, white men.

    If you hear a business using the phrase “best practices”, then you know they are looking for drones.

    If you see anyone who doesn’t fit into either of those two models, you know the person is either a personal friend of the owner or an amazing programmer.

    When I first started programming there was enough desperation for great programmers that anyone who was really good could easily find jobs. Now really great programmers are viewed as bizarre, weird, and strange and considered completely unacceptable for business.


    I want to appropriately thank StarBucks for providing free wifi. Thanks!!!!

President Obama

    To my surprise, just days after I announced my Facebook challenge (on April 20th), President Barack Obama and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi met with Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook headquarters in a solidarity against my homeless challenge.

    Obama claimed that “this company is an ideal means for us to carry on this conversation.”

    Why is President Obama in such a hurry to support a man who has repeatedly been caught violating the privacy rights of Americans?

    Why does President Obama and former Speaker Pelosi so favor the violation of American privacy rights?

    What does President Obama have against the homeless?

    On April 9, 2011, President Obama strongly praised massive cuts in aid to the elderly, poor, and handicapped, triumphantly annoucning “the biggest annual spending cut in history.”

    Well, this is one homeless person who will defy the president of the U.S. and attempt to make important contributions to society in direct defiance of the rich.

    Who knows what federal government forces Obama might bring against me? Maybe he’ll send out one of his Navy SEAL teams to assassinate me while he watches on tv. Maybe he’ll send out the I.R.S. Maybe he’ll send out the Secret Service. What power will he illegally abuse.

    I will prove that both Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg are both cowards and liars. I will prove that a homeless person can out-innovate both Obama (and the entire U.S. federal government) and Zuckerberg (and all of Facebook).


    While visiting Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, U.S. President Barak Obama stated to applause “My name is Barack Obama, and I’m the guy who got Mark [Zuckerberg] to wear a jacket and tie. Thank you. I am very proud of that.”

    Los Angeles Times writer Jessica Guynn claimed about Obama, “His biggest achievement was getting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to wear a coat and tie.”

    Although I don’t own a suit or tie, I am willing to wear a uniform or costume if it is issued to me by an employer.

    But I do need to point out that the origin of the European custom of wearing a tie was to demonstrate one’s loyalty to the crown, and the U.S. Constitution specifically forbids titles of nobility or royalty.

    The more modern context of the suit and tie is as a symbol of mindless conformity to corporate power and control.

    Barack Obama’s proudest moment is getting a private citizen to wear a symbol of conformity. Barack Obama is symbolbolically against freedom, independence, and liberty!

    I might also add that 500 Facebook employees won a company lottery to attend the president’s speech. But Mark Zuckerberg and his personal entourage did not participate in the lottery, but in an anti-democratic move consistent with the president’s symbolic hatred of freedom, liberty, and social fairness, Mark Zuckerberg and his entourage jumped the lottery and attended by corporate fiat (authoritative decree, sanction, or order).


    I have confidence that I, a homeless person, will be able to complete this project before Mark Zuckerberg and his entire Facebook company for the simple reason that Mark Zuckerberg clearly is unable to innovate.

    Mark Zuckerberg has made a lot of money and been named Time Man of the Year based on his false claim that he engages in innovation.

    It is obvious that Mark Zuckerberg thinks that innovation and creativity are marketing terms. He has never personally experienced either and clearly does not believe that either actually exists. He is the ultimate business person.

    While I am certain that in a company as large as his there are actually persons who could create UNCOL, but because Mark Zuckerberg is a business person and runs his organization like a business, it is impossible that he would ever allow any of his employees, no matter how brilliant individually, to actually innovate.

    Mark Zuckerberg has all of the resources and advantages of a rich person. He has a huge workforce and provides them with modern equipment.

    I am a homeless person. I have completely inadequate resources. Yet, I will create one of the most important innovations in computer software while the famous rich business person fails.

    I am unfortunately going to have to code in a quick and dirty manner. This is very bad programming practice and makes it very difficult for anyone to maintain my code.

    I am doing this because as a homeless person I am in a race against the clock for how long I can live. The lack of adequate food and shelter dramatically shortens a person’s life. Given my short life expectancy, I can only complete this project by using clever shortcuts.

    Even so, I do need help. It is vital that I find a way to work indoors. Soon. If anyone in Costa Mesa has a business or charity that can provide office space (with a lock), electricity, internet connections, desk, and chair, please contact me immediately. Note that it is vital that I be able to program very long hours seven days a week. I am in a race against time before death and need the maximum amount of effective work time possible.

    As has been established in court, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook was stolen property. Mark Zuckerberg was incapable of innovating it himself.

    I, as a homeless person, challenge Mark Zuckerberg and his entire Facebook company to see who can create the world’s first working version of UNCOL.

    UNCOL was first proposed in 1958. Many famous (and not so famous) computer programmers have attempted and failed.

    The use of UNCOL is obvious to any large scale computer software project (such as Facebook), so Mark Zuckerberg can’t claim that his company would have no interest in the project.

    He lives indoors, has access to food every single day, and has a huge company with many programmers and working computers, so Mark Zuckerberg has all of the advantages that money can provide.

    And I will still complete the task before Mark Zuckerberg because Mark Zuckerberg is not only a thief, a liar, and a cheat, but he also unable to innovate, as much as he likes to pretend that he even knows what the word means.

    Watch my progress at emulator.


    If you find this interesting and want to contact me, write to Milo, PO Box 5237, Balboa Island, California, 92662, USA.


    Created: April 15, 2011

    Last Updated: May 31, 2011

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