Forth and PostScript in JavaScript

version 0.144

Use the start button to start turtle graphics and drawing.
Use the game button to play the sample game from the tutorial.
Use the info button to read the tutorial and reference sections.
Type in the commands text box to run the Forth/PostScript interpreter.
The buttons for the instructions and reference sections will appear below the command line area
Use the button size button to toggle between smartphone finger size and regular computer size.

watch introductory video at bottom of this web page

must be 13 or older to download
if you are under the age of 13, ask your parents or teachers to download this for you

Type commands here.

intro video

OSdata home page

Check back for new versions of this software, updated weekly.
watch for version number to change

intro video

if the video doesn’t play:

    I simply don’t have all of the software and other resources to make this video esily visible for every web browser. I can’t make either webm or ogg versions. I have to combine hosting leftovers from other people, leading to “cross platform” and “third party” problems.
    If the video doesn’t work automatically, try “save link as” or “download” and view the movie in your local media player. The hard link is
    All of the major operating systems have a free player that will handle this mp4 file (Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, Apple’s iTunes or QuickTime Player, Real’s RealPlayer), Linux’s MPV, SMPlayer, GNOME Videos, VLC, or Mplayer.

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the best way to contact the programmer is through one of the two Twitter accounts @osdata or @outrageouscoder

homeless software
88 languages
the most used letters in English are: ETAON
the least used letters in English are: ZXQJK

    Cryptologists can use letter frequency to breka the most simple codes. The order of frequency of letter use varies by language and subject area, but one common order for the English language in general is: ETAON RISHD LFCMU GYPWB VKJXQ Z (from Herbert S. Zim’s classic Codes and Secret Writing).

    Comonly listed five least frequently used letters in the English language include: zxqjk zxpbð (Old English), zxqjv (Bible), zxqjk (Linotype machines), qyzcx (International Morse Code), ZQXJK (Herbert S. Zim), zqxjk (from Oxford English Dictionary), xzyqk (first letter of words).